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Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please Email:
squidnet <at symbol> sydlambert <period> com

List of questions:

How do I join the chat room?
To join the chat room, simply navigate to the home page and enter a nickname into the text box labelled 'Nickname'. Once you have entered your name (max 15 characters), a button should appear labelled 'launch'. Click the button and a new window/tab will open with the Squidnet chat room.

How do I join another room?
Open the side panel () and click on the 'rooms' tab. Click on the room you want to join and press the 'join' button.

How do I change the settings?
Click on the menu button () in the top-right corner of the chat room window. A settings menu will open with detailed descriptions of all the options.

How do I see a list of users?
To see a list of online users, open the side panel () and click on the 'users' tab. A list of users will appear that can be sorted globally (all users will show up) or in rooms (only users in the same room as you will show up). To interact with a user, click on their name and a list of options will come up. You can click on the user's room label to jump to the room that they are in.

How do I block a user?
You can block users by clicking on their name in the user list and selecting the 'block' button. This will prevent the user's messages from showing up on your screen. You can unblock the user at any time by pressing their 'block' button again.

How do I use private messaging?
To private message a user, open their options menu (found by clicking on their name in the user list) and click on the 'PM' button. A dialog will appear with a text box for you to write your message in. No other users will be able to see the private message, only the user you direct the message at.

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